Who pest control guidelines?

The goal of IPM is to provide a “sustainable approach” to pest management by combining biological, cultural, physical and chemical tools in ways that minimize economic, health and environmental risks. A science-based decision-making process that combines tools and strategies to identify and manage pests. From educational resources to the best tips for controlling common pests such as rodents and flies, the government site is a useful resource for understanding how pest control affects the country. The bottom line is that making sure your company complies with pest control guidelines can be tricky.

By scheduling regular inspections with an authorized pest control company, facility managers will be informed of any potential issues and how to correct them before they become a real hazard to the operation and the public or end user. Scheduling regular inspections with a certified pest control professional can help food processing facilities ensure production and profitability remain stable. While the steps required to maintain sanitation and pest management compliance can be meticulous and extensive, this is usually much more cost-effective than waiting until an infestation has a chance to establish itself. It is crucial that the selected pest control company is well aware of pest-related activities and patterns in food processing plants, as inspections at processing facilities are very different from inspections of homes and other commercial properties.

To ensure compliance, your pest control partner will evaluate your facility to ensure it complies with all sanitation standards, including government-mandated pest control laws and regulations. As such, regular sanitation inspections with a licensed pest control company can help facility managers comply with federal regulations and avoid regulatory action. The main objective is to ensure that pesticides do not cause excessive risks to human health or the environment and to help inform the regulations adopted by each state for proper pest control. A professional pest control company such as Terminix Commercial is licensed for the proper use of pesticides and pest control techniques and has the training and experience to address infestations safely and effectively.

Adhering to federal guidelines is essential, but delving into state and industry-specific laws will ensure that your company is compliant with standards when it comes to pest control. Many food processing facilities also operate 24 hours a day, making it difficult to ensure that adequate pest management and sanitation measures are in place 100% of the time. Learning about the pests you have and the options available to control specific pests is the first step. When it comes to pest control, sanitation practices, prevention and the types of treatments used to combat an infestation are important aspects of compliance.