How much is a pest control inspection?

Most home inspection service companies offer them as part of a home buying service. The seller will have to pay all costs associated with both removing pests and repairing any damage. Termites and other common pests can cause irreparable damage to your property that can be costly to repair. Most commonly, a pest inspector looks for signs of moisture, which attract wood-destroying insects, such as termites, and pest activity, such as droppings, discarded wings, and tunnels.

No matter who pays the bill, getting a pest inspection could end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run if there is an infestation in the home. However, many mortgage lenders require a termite or pest inspection to make sure the house is clean before funding is put in place. Terminix has more than 300 locations across the country and specializes in termite control and bed bug elimination. We recommend the following pest control companies for their national reach, extensive services, and affordable treatment options.

So what does a pest inspection include? You can expect the pest inspector to examine the kitchen, bathrooms, walls, basement, ceiling and exterior of the house, among other things. A pest inspection includes searching for insects and other creatures that may cause damage to your property structure, a health hazard, or both. Getting a pest inspection during the homebuying process helps you move with confidence that you won't face any old pests in your new home. Once you find the right real estate agent, they will help you with all aspects of the homebuying process, including finding a pest control company.

Pest control companies could waive the cost of the letter if termites are found and hired to perform treatment. A pest control company has the training and experience not only to identify problems, but also to advise on the best solutions. During a pest inspection, an inspector checks the exterior and interior of your property for any signs of infestation, damage, or areas that are attractive to pests. A pest inspection is not a uniform requirement of a home sale, and the rules for pest inspections vary from state to state.

The methods of extermination will depend on the plague and the extent of the problem, from a spray purchased only once at the hardware store to a professional spraying that requires you to vacate your home for several days.